The Little Vampire 3D

2017 1080p 1h 23m 423

Tony, a thirteen-year-old boy on vacation in rural Germany, is fascinated by the idea of vampires. Meanwhile Rudolph, a vampire of "similar" age (313!), encounters trouble when his clan is threatened by a dangerously obsessed hunter. Fate brings these two boys together, as Tony & Rudolph set off an action-packed battle to stop the villain, save Rudolph's family and learn the power of friendship.

Director: Karsten Kiilerich, Richard Claus

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction

Cast: Alice Krige, Amy Saville, Ben Boxberg, Bennet Pappe, Britt Scholte, Buddy Vedder, Diane Wilson, Graham Clarke, Ilse Strambowski, Jim Carter, Joseph Kloska, Julia Rhodes

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