Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers

1988 1080p 1h 20m 517

Angela Baker, a psychotic transsexual, escapes from a mental hospital and surfaces at a summer camp as a counselor who lectures her teenage charges on proper moral behavior. Those teens who break her strict rules -- from the camp chatterbox or a sex-obsessed girl to the boys who are peeping Toms -- are murdered by the impostor in various gruesome ways. As more campers go missing, intrepid counselor Molly begins to piece together the truth.

Director: Michael A. Simpson

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Cast: Amy Fields, Benji Wilhoite, Brian Patrick Clarke, Carol Chambers, Carol Martin Vines, Heather Binion, Jason Ehrlich, Jill Jane Clements, Julie Murphy, Justin Nowell, Kendall Bean, Pamela Springsteen

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