Le Mans

1971 1080p 1h 44m 97

Filmed during the annual 24-hour endurance race at Le Mans, Michael Delaney is a Porsche driver haunted by the memory of an accident at the previous year's race in which a competing driver was killed. Delaney also finds himself increasingly infatuated with the man's widow.

Director: Gus Agosti, Jack N. Reddish, John Franco, Lee H. Katzin, Les Sheldon, Louis Pitzele

Genre: Action, Drama

Cast: Alfred Bell, Angelo Infanti, Anne Libert, Carlo Cecchi, Christopher Waite, Conrad Pringle, Elga Andersen, Erich Glavitza, Fred Haltiner, Gino Cassani, Hal Hamilton, Jean-Claude Bercq

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