Dream No Evil

1970 1080p 1h 24m 134

Grace is a troubled young lady with some serious daddy issues. She was adopted as a young girl and raised up in a family of traveling faith healers. After the patriarch of that little group passes away Grace's world is thrown into turmoil. The eldest brother turns his back on the family business in favor of medical school despite being engaged to Grace and she is left alone with the shady younger son who puts Grace in a skimpy leotard and incorporates some circus style showmanship to draw in the rubes.

Director: Jerome Guardino, John Hayes

Genre: Horror

Cast: Arthur Franz, Brooke Mills, D.J. Anderson, Edmond O'Brien, Elizabeth Ross, Jay Scott, Marc Lawrence, Mary Carver, Michael Pataki, Nadyne Turney, Paul Prokop, Pearl Shear

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