Dead Reckoning

2020 1080p 1h 31m 499

Tillie Gardner, a girl who's been rocked to her core by the tragic death of her parents in a plane crash a few weeks ago. She copes with the help of local cab driver Niko, with whom she began a summer romance on the island of Nantucket. But what she doesn't know is that Marco, the man who sabotaged her parents' plane, is on his way to Nantucket to set another terrifying scheme into motion. Can she uncover his dark secret and gather her wits to stop him in time? From the director of Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds and Doom comes an intense and tightly wound thriller with twists that will keep you in suspense until the final frame.

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Andrea Kostovick, Arthur Hiou, Bradley J. Van Dussen, Brooklyn Brailsford, Devon Diep, Devyn Inez Fusaro, Ellie Cornell, India Eisley, James Remar, K.J. Apa, Matthew O'Donnell, Michael Winter

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